No one wants to deal with a burglary. How do you reduce the chances of one happening?


Fortunately, burglaries are a well-studied phenomenon przy — especially by law enforcement. These studies have identified specific things you can do to cut the risk dramatically. Here are some ideas:



  • 50% of burglars will be deterred if your home has some sort wholesale MLB jerseys of video monitoring Happy system. A thief doesn’t want his face on YouTube!



  • 22% of burglaries occur through a sliding glass door or patio door. Make sure Mistakes it’s locked and also use a solid metal jammer.


  • Some thieves use frequency scanners to gain access to garages. Police recommend changing your remote entry code regularly Toyota cheap NBA jerseys and putting blinds or curtains on garage windows so thieves can’t see (and be tempted by) any valuables Taxing inside.


As you can see, there are many simple things you can do to reduce your chances wholesale jerseys of a burglary dramatically. Florida The effort is worth it.


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